Annika Bram is in her second year at the University of California - Davis School of Veterinary Medicine. She was heartbroken when her dog, Georgia, passed away last May – and planned to wait until graduation to adopt another dog.

Somewhere along the way, Annika saw a video of a golden retriever named Frannie that needed a forever home. It was a tricky situation because Frannie was severely overweight – weighing in at 125 pounds, which is 65 pounds heavier than normal.

Annika was inspired to care for Frannie and give her a better life.

At first, Frannie couldn’t even stand on her own legs, so Annika worked with her each day to improve her strength – and provided Frannie on a healthy diet. In less than three months, Frannie has already lost 31 pounds and is moving around much better. Frannie is now running – and has become a big fan of chasing tennis balls.

While there's still work to do, Annika is encouraged by the progress. “The best thing is just to be able to see her be a normal dog and enjoy her life, Annika said. "She has a lot more autonomy. She can make her own decisions and be independent. She has a forever home with me. She’s not going anywhere.”

Source: Washington Post and Premiere

Close up Golden Retriever with Stick

Photo: KMGS Photography / Moment / Getty Images

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