The John Clay Wolfe Show

It all started in 2004 during a remote radio broadcast from Wolfe Chevrolet, when John Clay Wolfe coaxed the mic away from the radio DJ--and something sparked. Now, 10 years later, John is syndicated on some of the highest rated Rock, Country, and Sports/Talk stations in top markets across the country. Joining forces with longtime DFW radio pro JD Ryan, impersonator extraordinaire Bobby Brown (Bobbo), and cutting-edge producer Mike Turley, the John Clay Wolfe Show has become a staple of Saturday morning listening for people that enjoy swanky, off the cuff entertainment. We are Saturday morning cartoons for adults, with an SNL-ish vibe, a true off-the-cuff authenticity, and great music.

Listen to the John Clay Wolfe Show every Saturday morning from 8AM to 11AM on BIG100, Washington's Classic Rock.

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