It's always fun having NFL insider Dennis Glasgow on the show to talk Commanders. BIG 100 is the flagship station for the Commanders.

There's so much happening with the team today! First, we talk about FedEx Field no longer being FedEx Field, the upgrades the Commanders are making to the current stadium, and the latest on a new stadium, including today's very important vote in the House of Representatives, which would give DC control over the RFK site.

We also discuss Caleb Williams, who's expected to go #1 in the draft, and how he's meeting with the Commanders today.

Plus, we chat about the NFL Combine, and also go over the recently released NFL Players Association 'Report Card,' which has the Commanders failing in a number of categories.


And, I want to give you a heads-up to tune into BIG Rock Mornings with Jaxon tomorrow (Thursday) morning at 8. Commanders President Jason Wright will be on the show!

RFK Stadium

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Washington Commanders Introduce Dan Quinn As New Head Coach During Press Conference

Photo: Jess Rapfogel / Getty Images Sport / Getty Images

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