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This past Saturday, August 12th, marked the 55th anniversary of the first rehearsal by Jimmy PageJohn Paul JonesRobert Plant and John Bonham, who would go on to be known as Led Zeppelin.

It took place that day in 1968 on Gerrard Street in West London and Jones and Page tell us it was special from the start.

And Robert Plant says, "I remember the little room, and all I can remember it was hot and it sounded good — very exciting and very challenging really, because I could feel that something was happening to myself and to everyone else in the room. It felt like we’d found something that we had to be very careful with because we might lose it, but it was remarkable: the power.”

John Bonham was asked about it in 1972 and said, “The first time we’d played together, there’s a feeling when you’re playing whether it’s going to be any good, and it was good – very good indeed. But at that time I had no idea it would achieve what it has.”

The band followed that up with rehearsals for their debut album, which they recorded in September and October.

They did dates in Scandinavia in September as The New Yardbirds before changing their name to Led Zeppelin in October. 

Source: Led Zeppelin.com and Premiere

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