Friday the 13th Special: A Haunting On The Shore of Lake Michigan

Ghost Woman on Haunted Staircase

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The story is familiar. A beautiful historic home, a young married couple, moving boxes in hand, thrilled at the amazing deal they just scored, and a dark warning from the former owners.

“You need to know. She always comes back,” the words sent a chill down Jenn’s spine as she and her husband watched the previous residents move out.

JoJo Wright, host of the Paranormalish podcast, sat down with Jenn of Muskegon, Michigan, who only lasted six months in her early 1900’s Victorian style dream home. The lakeside town is no stranger to the paranormal, and the woman who haunts Jenn’s former home may be the newest to the list.

“We just thought it was meant to be,” Jenn said. “But the more time we spent in that house the more it felt like our souls were being drained from our bodies.”

What started out as doors shaking, items disappearing, and cold spots throughout the house culminated in what Jenn described as a specter confronting her in the upstairs hallway.

“The hallway was large, but suddenly I felt like was caving in on me and the floor was giving out,” Jenn said. “There was a glowing light coming from the back staircase. She was coming up the stairs and the light went through her glasses. It looked almost like she was gliding towards me.”

Jenn ran. She got in her car and left the house, but not for good. She moved out about three months later, and has since watched the house transition from owner to owner.

The full audio interview with Jenn is exclusively on the Paranormalish podcast. Hear her describe her paranormal encounter in gripping detail in “She Always Comes Back!!!” available on the iHeartRadio app or wherever you get your podcasts. Have a paranormal encounter you want to share? Reach out to host JoJo Wright by emailing or by calling (833) 682-8361.

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