There Won't Be New Music From The Eagles, According To Vince Gill

Photo: Getty Images

Though The Eagles are heading out on tour in February, the band has no plans to record new music. “There doesn’t seem to be any kind of attempt at that,” Vince Gill told Some fans may be disappointed, Gill says it's a “pretty healthy” decision for the band.

Gill also revealed Don Henley recently offered to mix some of his personal material for their upcoming tour. “Don was nice enough to say, ‘Hey, let’s do one of your songs,’” Gill shared.

Despite the kind offer, however, Gill doesn't feel it's the right move. “I said, ‘With all due respect, I’d rather not.’ I’m already stepping into a place where a lot of people may not be that accepting of me. The last thing I want to do is give them one more reason to say, ‘I didn’t come here to hear his songs, too. I just came to hear Eagles songs!’ So, we’ve kind of kept it at that, which seems to make the most sense.”

On their upcoming tour, The Eagles will be performing their classic LP Hotel California in its entirety. Gill will take on lead vocals on 'Try and Love Again' while out on the road. “Don said, 'I think you should sing that,' so OK,” Gill recalled. “You’ve just got that catalog of material and every night it’s great song after great song after great song. There are a few things that have popped up and kind of evolved. It’s working and everybody seems to be having a good time.”

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