Woman Stalls Gas Station Robber with Oral Sex Until Police Arrive

Photo: Google Maps

A brave woman used some unconventional means to stop a robber from getting away after she reportedly gave the man oral sex until the police arrived and placed him into custody.

A report says a 24-year old thief in Slovakia forced a gas station employee to hand over money from the cash register and punched the employee in the face. The employee then fled to a back room and called the police.

The report says that an unnamed female entered the gas station through a back door and offered the thief "her services" and began performing the act on him.

It's unclear if the woman was doing it out of fear of being assaulted by the man, but apparently the police stated that the woman knowingly stalled the man.

When the police arrived, they found the woman and thief lying naked on the floor.

“In one of the rooms, the officers saw the man receiving sexual services from the young woman,” police spokesman Michael Szeiff reportedly told Slovakian news agency TASR.

"Take him, I can't anymore," the woman told the cops when they arrived. The suspect then resisted arrest and was taken into custody by force, according to the report.

Source: NYPost.com

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