Anti-Masker Gets Denied at Trader Joe's So Naturally She Whips Out Boobs

Warning: Video Contains NSFW Content. Click the photo below to watch the video on Twitter.

By now you'd figure people are aware that some businesses have chosen not to do business with customers who are not wearing a mask. But yet a few people continue to use the mindset of "the customer is always right" and can do whatever they want even though businesses reserve the right to refuse business.

A woman attempting to enter a Trader Joe's is told by an employee outside that the store's policy is that all customers must wear a mask to enter. She argues with the man but he holds the line and she is not allowed to enter.

The woman becomes so enraged that she can't have her way. And, like any rational adult would, she decides to expose herself to the nearby employees and bystanders by yanking her shirt up and putting her mammaries on display. It's almost like she's flipping everyone off, but with her two boobs instead of two middle fingers.

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