Sexual Assault Suspect Walks Up and Punches a Dude During Court Proceedings

A man who was appearing in court after he was arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting a 16-year-old had to be restrained after he punched an innocent man in the courtroom.

Video from the incident shows the suspect, 39-year-old David St. John, Jr. walk over to the man sitting and blindside punches him after yelling, "Did you learn your lesson?" at him multiple times. A correction officer quickly restrained St. John after the victim runs off to the side of the room.

St. John was arrested on Monday at a hotel in Houston, Texas. A 16-year-old girl reportedly told police St. John began liking her photos on social media, and he picked her up in his car to smoke marijuana. She claims St. John took her to the hotel without her consent. There, the girl claims St. John performed multiple sex acts on her while he had a gun in his possession. St. John allegedly struck the girl with the handgun, and held it to her head and forced her to eat methamphetamine.

Police say they found a gun on St. John that was loaded. He has been charged with aggravated sex assault of a child and felony possession of a weapon. He was denied bond and will need to appear in court again in March.

Source: ABC13

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