Spoiled Brat Makes Fun of Girl with Cancer and Get Hits Hard by Karma

A YouTube streamer got into an argument with one of her viewers and it escalated far beyond anyone's expectations.

The streamer, "Tessi," started arguing with another girl over "nothing," but then it got personal when Tessi finds out the girl has cancer and begins making fun of her with multiple cruel comments.

Two weeks later, Tessi apparently fell asleep during one of her streams. Her father was angry and yelling at her younger sister, and things that he said were able to identify some of his personal details, including where he worked.

Viewers then started sending Tessi's dad's employer the video clips of Tessi making fun of the girl with cancer, and expectedly, they were not happy about it. The dad ended up being fired.

To make matters worse, she even streams him calling her after he was fired. Tessi is ordered to leave the house since she's 18 now and is an adult. Tessi calls 911, claiming her dad threatened to harm her and has weapons in the house.

Tessi ends up checking in to a hotel and her dad calls back and she streams that interaction as well.

Even the dad went on his YouTube channel to post a response to the who situation, denying he ever threatened his daughter's life and explains why he felt the need to make a public statement on the matter.

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