Doctors Warn Against Copying Trend of Using Erection Cream for Fuller Lips

A TikTok trend is spreading across fans of beauty and makeup for a disturbing reason.

In the pursuit of having fuller-looking lips, some bloggers have started using erection cream for fast results instead of going through plastic surgery. But doctors are warning that this trend is potentially dangerous.

Jerry Mal on TikTok posted a video clip of himself using the cream that has been viewed over 3.5M times now. "Basically, I saw a movie where a girl put erection cream all over her lips and it made them really big, so now I’m going to try it. I forgot what film it was," he says as he applies the erection cream to his lips.

After he finishes spreading it, he says, "It kind of tingles. It’s not terrible, but we’ll see."

5 minutes later is another clip with an update: "It's burning really bad."

After Jerry wipes the cream off and shows his puffed lips to the camera, he says, "I kind of like it."

Many comments are from followers saying that they intend to try it out as well.

But doctors are warning against it.

Dr. Ross Perry, GP & Medical Director of Cosmedics says: "Putting erection cream on your lips in a bid for a fuller pout is utterly ridiculous and can be extremely dangerous for a number of reasons. Individuals trying this could suffer an allergic reaction such as stinging, soreness, blisters and uncomfortable swelling. Other side effects from the absorption of the cream as it goes into the body can create headaches, blood pressure problems and even possible heart problems. The cream could also flare up cold sores if you’re prone to them already."

Dr. Tunc Tiryaki, a world-renowned aesthetic, facial and reconstructive plastic surgeon advised against using erection creams as well, saying they "usually contain alprostadil, a vascular dilatator, meaning it makes the blood vessels larger" and that using them on areas of thin skin like lips "greatly enhances the absorption of the active ingredients, thus skyrocketing the risk of complications... The risk of digestion of these creams – which are absolutely not designed for swallowing – can create not only local problems but generalized side effects. ‘This is why people should not be using these creams on their lips."


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