Russian Cop Sparta Kicks a Protester Who Gets in the Way of Arrest

Tens of thousands of Russian citizens took to the streets of multiple cities in the country in protest of the arrest of Alexei Navalny, the opposition leader against President Vladimir Putin.

Navalny has apparently been leading an "anti-corruption" campaign in the country, building significant support among the people despite government repression.

It's estimated around 15,000 people alone took part in protests in Pushkin Square, in the city center of Moscow. About 90 cities across Russia have had protests since Navalny's arrest of January 17th. A total of over 3,000 people were arrested, including "at least 1,167" in Moscow.

One man is seen on video being detained by police when a woman appears and stands in their way. Not wanting to go around her, one officer "Sparta kicks" her to the ground.

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