Dude Runs Out of Walmart After Burglary But Has Difficulty w/ Getaway

Warning: Video Contains NSFW Language

Most burglars have an escape plan in mind after they make their move. Sometimes, it just takes as much as running away as fast as possible to avoid interference. Other times, a getaway vehicle is needed.

This dude allegedly robs a Walmart and runs out to his getaway vehicle which appears to be a Ford Ranger, only to run into a bit of a problem.

Dude can't get the thing to start, so he starts pushing it in attempt to push-start it to get away. But it's not really working out for him as he is heard yelling expletives and expending all of his energy.

The cameraman says he's going to go talk to him, but the clip ends before he gets a chance. That would have been cool.

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