Furious Landscapers Destroy Their Work After Not Getting Paid $10k

Warning: Video Contains NFSW Language

A group of landscapers took matters into their own hands after a customer failed to pay for a just finished patio and fence. Instead of taking the customer to court or dealing with the situation in a legal manner, instead Jack Pendergast told his crew to "smash it to f**king absolute pieces."

Jack told his workers to take back their materials after asking the customer five times for payment and failing to receive it.

He posted a series of video clips to Facebook (strung together in the video above) showing the men destroying the patio and using sledgehammers to break everything. Local police can be briefly seen at one point but Jack says, "Oh, they’re going because they know we’re in our rights."

He also says, “That was the fence that we did for free for out of good will, bye bye fence, bye bye... Con artist, that’s what she is. Making young lads work for money and not paying anyone. Third/fourth people she hasn’t paid.”

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