'Christian' Restaurant Owner Goes Ballistic on 'Demonic' Goth Girl

Warning: Lots of NSFW Language

Hey guys, I found a new restaurant you should all never try. Make that two actually.

A 'goth girl' records first-hand her encounter with the owner of Boston's Baddest Burgers and Maine-ly Lobstah, a joint establishment.

There's no context as to what set the dude off, but he goes off, completely.

He calls her a "demonic f**king b**ch," a "f**cking moron," and tells her to "get out of my f**king building."

The girl leaves, but the dude even follows her out as she makes sure to name the establishment and reads off their phone number.

Apparently the owner, Kevin Tortorella, is no stranger to this kind of treatment of customers according to Yelp reviews.

"Don't eat here. Owner is a crazer mf who will verbally abuse you for no reason. Take your money somewhere else," one reads.

"Kevin, you are a small man filled with so much hate. The way you harassed, threatened and psychically chased a young girl, made me sick to my stomach," says another review. "You are disgusting and I am appalled you dare call yourself a Christian, while spewing hate at paying customers. You should be ashamed of yourself, and need to do some serious praying to figure out why you're such a hate filled monster."

Source: Loudwire.com

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