Dude Robs a Store Then Leaves, Trips and Shoots Himself By Accident

A robbery attempt went wrong when someone was injured by a firearm, but not in the way you'd think. Thankfully, no store employees or innocent bystanders were injured. No, instead, the injury was dealt to the robbery suspect. By his own gun. By his own hand.

Surveillance video shows the suspect demand the clerk drop to the floor while holding a gun against his head. He then grabs his stuff and leaves the store.

Then, while the suspect attempts to run away in the parking lot, he trips over one of the concrete barriers for parking spots. In the process of falling to the ground, his gun discharges and shoots his foot.

Responding officers found the ID and a bullet shell casing at the scene. The ID they found matched the name of a patient at a nearby hospital who was being treated for a gunshot wound and Brian Cohen was arrested.

Source: ActionNewsJax.com

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