Sobbing Man Finds Out He's Been Blocked from Flying Out of DC

A video uploaded to Twitter shows a man sobbing after he was told he could not board his flight at the gate.

The video, which has been viewed millions of times, shows a man losing control of his emotions after he was apparently told he could not fly out of DC.

“This is what they do to us. They kicked me off the plane. They called me a f*cking terrorist, and they f*ckin’ want to ruin my life!," he says.

A woman can be heard responding to him, saying, "Sir, please calm down. I was kicked off of Delta earlier.”

Although it has been speculated that the man was placed on a no-fly list due to his involvement in the Capitol riot last week, it's unclear exactly why he was not allowed to board after being able to pass through security. Some people have been refused entry for not adhering to airlines mask policies. But his comments make it seem like there's more to the story than just being refused to fly over a mask.


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