Parler Guy Dan Bongino Has Meltdown on FOX News Because He Lost Money

Former Secret Service member and Congressional candidate Dan Bongino joined FOX News today after the social media app Parler was removed from Google Play, Apple's App Store and subsequently Amazon's web servers completely.

Bongino claims to have an ownership stake in the company, which is known to be a popular Twitter-like message service for supporters of President Trump. The app came under fire, especially following the events in DC last week, for allegedly hosting messages from users that incited the violence that took place.

Bongino appeared on FOX News to air out his frustrations over Parler being essentially shut down by "big tech" as an attack on freedom of speech.

"Listen to me, America. We were wiped out. I've been texting Brian all weekend. What, Brian, what did you say? Every text was like 'Apple?' Yep, Apple. Then Brian would text me, 'Google too?' Yep, Brian, Google. Then he text me next, 'Amazon, too?' Yep. That was my answer every time. I have not slept all weekend! They have effectively tried to bankrupt me and my investors on Parlor, and you know what? They won."

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