Porch Pirate Attempts Getaway, Car Gets Stuck in Snow Until Cops Arrive

One of the bane's of the modern world is the porch pirate. Especially as the holidays this year saw a historic amount of packages being delivered through carrier services, presumably a history amount of thieves looking to snatch up some "easy loot" were on the prowl.

Well, one porch pirate got some justice served and it was all caught on video. A homeowner starts recording as he opens his front door, catching a man in the act of allegedly stealing a package. He runs down the driveway and back to his Toyota Yaris and attempts to make a getaway.

There's just one slight problem for the porch pirate.

As he throws it in reverse and attempts to pull away, dude instead drives up on an embankment of plowed snow, and the car gets stuck as it gets propped up by the snow on his chassis.

The pirate frantically attempts to get his car out of the snow, even having the gas pedal spin the wheels as he is out of the car trying to push it. One neighbor calls the police before they arrive minutes later.

The homeowner even sarcastically offers the thief a shovel as he tries digging the snow out with his bare hands.

Two police cruisers arrive and place the man in custody.

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