Baltimore Mayor Brandon Scott Tells Heckler, "Shorty, pull your mask up.”

Baltimore City Mayor Brandon Scott fired back at a heckler at a news conference and his quote will likely stick around with him for a while as he begins his tenure in office.

As Scott spoke about restrictions being implemented in the city as a result of the current coronavirus situation, a heckler relentlessly tried to talk over him. Finally, Scott get fed up with the man's antics and directly addressed him.

"Shorty, pull your mask up," he tells him.

"Hold on one second. Shorty, come on man, look. People are dying, shorty... people need to hear this information because they're dying," Scott later adds after he is forced to address the man a second time.

The heckler seemed to be upset that Scott was telling him to keep his mask on while his sign language interpreter wasn't wearing one.

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