Dude Serves Nut Shot-KO Punch Combo After Stranger Harasses, Swings at Him

Warning: Video Contains NSFW Language

Some people just have to learn the hard way.

A dude appears to be harassing a man in the street and continually yells profanities in his face. The man seems to not want to start an altercation with the harasser but dude won't calm down.

Things come to a head when the dude getting harassed finally yells back in the other dude's face and bumps up on him. Then the harasser takes a swing at the dude and lands on on his chin.

Dude backs up, unfazed, and returns with a nut-shot kick and KO punch combo to knock the dude to the ground. He then delivers some extra punches to the dude's head before some other people come to break it up.

My guess is this dude will never yell in someone's face that they're a B over 25 times ever again, that is if he remembers this incident.

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