Brawl Erupts at First In-N-Out in Colorado During 14-Hour Wait

In-N-Out, the popular west coast burger chain, just opened its first two locations in the state of Colorado. Inexplicably, massive lines formed at the two restaurants, and some people reportedly waited up to 14 hours to get their hands on a hamburger. Even police urged people to go to other restaurants due to the massive traffic jams caused.

It goes without saying that some people began to lose their patience in line, and at the Aurora location, a brawl erupted between two men.

The two dudes get out of their cars over a dispute and begin throwing fists at each other. One dude ends up on the hood of a car and loses his sweatpants in the process before both men go to the ground.

Other patrons step in to break up the fight.

People began waiting in line at approximately 8:15am, hours before the restaurant opened. By around 2:15pm that day, police said the line was a 12-hour wait. Then by 4:00pm, that line had extended into a 14-hour wait. Eventually one car was "marked" to be the last customer for the day, and it's estimated they were not served until about 2:00am.


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