Virginia Dude Drives Car Off the Back of Tow Truck, He Seeks Revenge

Warning: Video Contains NSFW Language

A Virginia driver decided to drive off the back of a tow truck, leading to a chaotic scene on the street.

At the beginning of the video clip taken by a nearby driver, the driver of a blue Chrysler sedan can be seen inside the vehicle as the tow truck comes to a stop at a red light. He engages the drive and the car pops off the back of the towing mechanism and the car comes crashing down.

The driver gets out of the vehicle to assess the damage caused by the stunt and deems that he should attempt to flee regardless of the fact his Kelly Blue Book value has just plummeted in mere seconds. He seems to have difficulty getting his vehicle moving on its own.

Meanwhile, the tow truck circles around and appears to be pissed off, rightly so. Dude swings around and starts to reverse across multiple oncoming lanes and aims to put his towing device back under the vehicle. Unfortunately for him, the dude in the Chrysler manages to peel off, jumping a curb in the process and further impacting his KBB.

The tow truck driver follows in hot pursuit, also jumping the curb whilst dragging his towing mechanism across the asphalt. The two blow through a stop sign and quickly leave the view of the man filming the incident.

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