Dude Completely Destroys Nail Salon After Girlfriend Denied Refund

Warning: Video Contains NSFW Language

A dude was enraged after a nail salon refused to give his girlfriend a refund over some allegedly bad service. Naturally, like any reasonable human being, he decides to completely lose his mind and goes on a complete and total rampage, destroying the entire place in the process.

Dude spares no expense in heaving plastic chairs into the paints on display, uprooting pedicure equipment, and flipping tables with business equipment on them.

There's no evidence as to how much this dude is trying to get a refund for, but it's completely acceptable to take the loss and never come back to the salon again due to the alleged poor service.

Judging by the demeanor of the employees on hand, they have business insurance that will take care of the equipment and goods destroyed by this maniac. At least that's the hope.

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