'Wheel of Fortune' Contestant Stunned After Losing with 'Correct' Answer

A 'Wheel of Fortune' contestant was left stunned and speechless after saying the "correct" answer during a puzzle.

During a bonus round, where each contestant gets one letter and a guess to solving a puzzle after a pre-determined set of letters fills in the puzzle, Alex thought he had it in the bag.

The clue was "What are you doing?" and the puzzle had been filled out to the point of --CL--ING -ICT--R-. Alex adds a letter Y to make the puzzle --CL--ING -CT--RY, and announces "I'm declaring victory!"

But the sound indicating a correct answer does not chime. Instead, Alex stands there for seconds as the buzzer goes off and his turn is lost. Then Amanda steps in, adds a V and says, "declaring victory."

Alex, appearing with a befuddled look on his face finally draws the attention of host Pat Sajak.

"Alex, you look a little puzzled, but you added a word and you're not allowed to do that. You have to say, just say the puzzle, you know what I'm saying?"

Alex responds by saying he had no idea he added the "I'm" in there.

Good thing to keep in mind as I will never appear on the show.

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