Dude Gets KO'ed After Pushing Woman to the Ground During DC Rally

Thousands of supporters of Donald Trump marched in Washington, D.C. on Saturday in support of the President over claims that the election was unfair.

Unfortunately, people in opposition of supporters of the President came out in protest and some incidents of violence took place and overnight.

One person, a middle-aged man wearing a black jacket with orange accents, was brutally attacked and knocked out after being punched from behind during a physical altercation.

At the beginning of the video clip, the man appears to be attempting to break up a physical confrontation and shoves another man to the ground and appears to try to kick him while he's on the ground.

Others then begin to push the man in the black jacket before he is confronted by two women who appear to be yelling at him. He appears to push one of the women, who the falls to the ground.

The man then becomes surrounded by people who don't seem to like his actions. He starts pushing other people, and then someone punches him on the side of the head from behind.

After pushing a man with a sign, he starts to walk away but another man comes up from behind him and delivers a devastating punch to his head, sending him to the ground face first.

It appears someone else kicks the man in the head while he is on the ground. The man is helped back to his feet but appears to be bleeding from his head.

The incident was one of a number of violent incidents that occurred. President Trump later tweeted on the events, denouncing the violence on "Antifa Scum."

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