Karen Gets Barked from Both Sides of Street for Confronting Over Yard Sign

Warning: Video Contains NSFW Language

A Karen got more than she bargained for after she confronted a homeowner over a political sign planted on her property.

At the beginning of the video clip, Karen is at the front screen door of the woman who lives where the yard sign is and appears to be telling her she doesn't want her grandchildren seeing the sign.

The homeowner is ticked off that she is talking to her through the screen door without wearing a mask and Karen fires back saying she's going to call the police to take the sign down.

She then reminds Karen that she has no control over her freedom of speech and tells her to get off her property.

As Karen retreats and the homeowner keeps telling her off, a neighbor across the street jumps in on the action and starts ripping Karen as well!

A damn shame how many arguments over politics there are these days.

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