CNN Accidentally Leaves Pornhub Open During Live Election Results Coverage

It's been a long week for anyone paying attention to the Election results. There's been more back and forth than a tennis match.

24-hour hour news channels have been going full-on for over 5 days straight as the determination of who will be the next President of the USA has yet to be decided (at the time of this writing).

So obviously, these people need to blow off some steam at some point. But coupled with the exhaustion, things are tough.

During CNN's live coverage of the votes being tallied this morning in Pennsylvania, which is crucial to the outcome, it seems someone was more interested in an erection than the election.

Wolf Blitzer throws it over to John King to show the live results on the large display behind them, but a popup for Pornhub appears on the screen. King quickly swipes it off the display and then has a befuddled look on his face.

Sadly, it turns out the video was manipulated and this did not actually happen. But no matter which stance you take in politics, everyone can use a good laugh once in a while.

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