Woman Realized Boyfriend Was Cheating After Spotting Odd Detail in Selfie

A TikTok video has gone viral, having been viewed nearly 1.5 million times and liked 154k times after a woman shared how she caught her boyfriend of four years cheating on her.

Sydney Kinsch uploaded the video, showing her in front of a selfie that he had sent to her via Snapchat. In the photo, her boyfriend is in a car wearing sunglasses which doesn't seem too out of the ordinary.

But after looking closely at the reflection in his sunglasses, you can see another woman's legs propped up and feet poking out of the passenger side window.

In the comments of the video, Sydney explains that he had been cheating on her for a month and that she had just found out.

One person asked her in the comments, "Ok but what did you respond I need to know."

Sydney replied with, "I called him and asked if he realized he sent me a [expletive] in his Snapchat and he had no idea. So I sent it to him and he called me crazy and that it was our friends gf and that he's allowed to have friends. He was with 'like 5 people'... I found out a week later ALL the details."

Sadly, many others commented on the video that they too had caught their significant others cheating via unexpected reflections.

Source: Mirror.co.uk

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