Dude Wins the Drinking Bet But Pays the Price Afterwards!

Warning: Video Contains NSFW Language

Nothing beats some quick, easy cash. Especially if it's on a bet at something you're good at.

The dude takes a bet that he can't finish a bottle of liquor while inside the liquor store. He wins the bet, gets his money and then takes another one for some additional cash.

But dude makes a terrible mistake by getting behind the wheel after putting those duckets in his pocket.

The man who filmed the bet inside the liquor store then catches an early 2000s model Saturn sedan flipped on its side, and lo and behold, it's the dude who won the drinking bet. Thankfully it seems like he's okay and luckily appears to not have hit anyone. Then he gets a hand to put his ride back on all fours.

Hopefully he doesn't drive off again.

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