Porch Pirate Receives Assistance Returning Package He Just Stole

As the pandemic continues, many people have become reliant on getting their needs and wants delivered to their homes instead of going out shopping. As such, the prevalence of "porch pirates," or people who stalk neighborhoods looking to steal packages that have been left at residences, has likely increased as well.

A home surveillance camera captures the moment a porch pirate walks up a homeowner's front stairs, places a white bag over top of a box, and then takes it down the street.

Unfortunately for him, someone was waiting for him and was not happy he was trying to walk off with an item that did not belong to him.

The man grabs the thief by the neck and directs him back to the front porch to leave the item where it was delivered.

Instead of holding the man until police or authorities could arrive, the man instead repeatedly punches the porch pirate in the head.

Finally, he lets him go and he hobbles away. Wonder if he learned a lesson?

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