Racist Karen Gets Kicked Out of Salon After Attempting to Hit Hairdresser

Warning: Video Contains NSFW Language

A racist Karen was kicked out of a Salon after making a rude comment and then attempting to hit a hairdresser.

At the start of the video clip, an argument between a Karen, or Robin in this case, and her hairdresser is taking place over a racist comment Karen made. "Take it back... You can't talk to people like that and just think that people are going to just do whatever you say" she tells her client.

Karen argues that she's a paying customer and that gives her the right to say anything without repercussions. The hairdresser tells her that if she doesn't want to listen to her side of the argument and come to an agreeable solution that she can leave.

Entitled Karen doesn't like being spoken to like that and doesn't know how to properly handle her emotions so so lunges at the hairdresser like she's going to hit her.

The hairdresser gets up and tells Karen to leave. "You do not cause a scene in my business and you almost hit me and I got it all on camera," she says.

Karen then realizes she's basically screwed so she starts crying. She then thinks she should finish getting her hair done solely on the basis that she apologized but the hairdresser isn't having any of it.

She does everything to backtrack so she can get her hair finished but none of it works.

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