'Jeopardy' Contestant Answers Batman Question Using His Best Bane Voice

A contestant on Jeopardy chose to answer a clue in the Movies category by speaking in that character's voice.

The contestant chooses Movies for $800 and the clue is: "Masked Villain in 'The Dark Knight Rises'".

He answers, "Who is BANE?" in his best Bane voice, referencing Tom Hardy's take on the character in the film.

The audience lets out a laugh after he answers and Alex Trebek is clearly not impressed.

"You didn't have to act it out!" he replies and the contestant fires back with, "But I wanted to!"

"But I appreciate it," Trebek says.

Because who doesn't love doing their own Bane impression and who wouldn't want to do it with thousands of people watching around the world?

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