Mom Derails Son's Wedding Over Bride's "Flaws" Comment During Vows

A mom completely derails a wedding ceremony over a simple comment the bride makes during her vows and refuses to back down.

The bride makes the comment, "even though you have your flaws..." which completely sets off the mother of the groom. She shouts "You shouldn't say my son has flaws!" And at first, the other guests laugh, thinking she is joking.

The groom tells his mom to be quiet and the bride says, "You can leave!" Then the mom gets fired up and refuses to leave and notes that she is the one that paid for her wedding dress. The bride says, "you are not going to ruin my wedding" but the mom only keeps going.

Another woman tries to get the mom to sit down and be quiet so the wedding can continue but the mom threatens to have her arrested.

The bride iterates that "everyone has flaws and that's why I love him," but the mom still won't back down. The groom looks exasperated.

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