Found My Friend's Stolen Electric Unicycle and Got It Back

Warning: Video Contains NSFW Language

A guy on YouTube uploaded a video that he took of him getting back his friend's electric unicycle that had been stolen. He writes:

My friend was riding late at night, woke up in the street bloody missing his jacket and helmet (also complains about anal pains) but we found him selling it the next day, and went and got it back. Thankfully this was resolved without violence. Stay safe out there PEV riders!

Basically, the dude meets up with the guy selling the electric scooter that goes up for sale the very next day after his friend's was stolen and looks exactly like it, recording the entire interaction. He pretends like he knows nothing about scooters and like he has never rode one before. He asks what happened to the license plate and lights and the dude brushes it off.

Then, the guy asks if he can take it for a short ride and that he'll go really slow since he's never ridden a unicycle before. But he actually is a pro at riding it and just takes off.

"And I'm out. That's how you get your friend's wheel back, guys," he says as the dude trying to sell it just stands there watching in the distance.

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