Karen Has Parking Lot Meltdown Even Though She's the One at Fault

Warning: Video Contains NSFW Language

A PLK (Parking Lot Karen) was recorded on video losing her mind out front of a Home Depot even though it seems clear that she's the one who's actually at fault.

A man recorded the woman who has a meltdown because she believes the passenger side of her Ford Focus wagon can't open its doors without hitting the man's Jeep. The only thing is, even though the Jeep is a much larger vehicle than the Focus, he shows that he is parked clearly between the painted white lines for the spot, if not favoring the side away from her car.

Then, he pans over and shows the woman is the one who parked crookedly and is the reason why she thinks there's not enough space to open the doors. She berates the man with profanity, says racist things, and insults the size of his manhood after he points that out.

Finally, the woman walks away though she is still boiling. Poor guy.

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