Oklahoma Woman Had to "Poop So Bad" She Lead Cops on High-Speed Chase

An Oklahoma woman tried to use an unusual excuse to try and get out of a ticket.

Last Tuesday, Emily Jean Owings Sindt was pulled over for what police say was a failure to wear a seatbelt while operating a vehicle.

When the officer, who was wearing a bodycam and recorded the entire ordeal, approached Sindt and asked her to show some identification, she only produced a medical marijuana card.

Turns out, Sindt couldn't have a drivers license on her because it had been suspended. The officer informs Sindt of that information and tells her to wait while her name is run through the system to see if she has any outstanding warrants.

Sindt, not wanting to get arrested, pleads to the officer, "But I have to poop so bad!" and tries, "It's my birthday, man!" but it doesn't work.

Sindt starts to cry and tells the officer, "I won't drive no more but can I please go home and go poop?" The officer then informs that there is a warrant out on Sindt, reportedly for fighting an officer. Sindt then refuses to wait for the officer from Woods County to come and apprehend her and starts her truck and takes off.

After a high-speed pursuit that reportedly reached speeds of 70mph in a residential area, Sindt decided to stop and give herself up to the original officer. The officer drew his weapon on Sindt and ordered her to get out of her vehicle.

While the officer lead the handcuffed Sindt to his patrol vehicle, she asked him, "Can I poop in your car, man?"

Cops searched Sindt vehicles after her arrest and found a pipe with meth in it.

Owings Sindt was arrested on complaints of eluding, reckless driving, driving under suspension, no seat belt, no insurance, and possession of drug paraphernalia.

“Everybody poops, we know, but that’s no reason to commit a felony and put in danger the lives of officers, other motorists and pedestrians in the area. Also, be sure to buckle up. Seat belts save lives,” the Enid Police Department posted on Facebook.

Source: KFOR.com

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