Man With No Neck Rages and Threatens Store Employees Over Phone Issue

WARNING: Video Contains NSFW Language

A video uploaded to TikTok is going viral depicting a man at a cell phone store losing his mind over what seems to be a simple phone issue. At the beginning of the clip, the man is seen slamming his phone against a protective glass screen the employee recording is behind. The employee tries to tell the man that his issue is that he doesn't know how to use a phone. The customer then tells the employee "that's bulls--t" and enters a rage. He then dares the employee to come out from behind the glass and threatens to physically hurt him.

Dude continues to storm around the store in an expletive-ridden rant while the employee tells him to keep going so he has evidence to presumably show to the police to ban him from the store.

Hope he got his phone fixed.

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