Karen Kicks Shopping Cart, Gets Rocked by Fake George Lucas and Security

With all of the extra stresses brought into our lives thanks to the pandemic, some people's fuses have seemed to have been shortened considerably. Meaning it takes less to set someone off during these times of masks, cutbacks and more guidelines.

At a supermarket in Chile, a woman was frustrated with the process of entering the store so she decides to kick a dude's shopping cart. Not sure if she was causing a ruckus before the clip starts or tried to cut in line and was told no, but dude with the cart and security were not having it today.

First, dude with the shopping cart, a man resembling George Lucas, whips the cart right back into Karen's kneecap, milliseconds before a security guy lays into the side of her face with a right hand slap. Fake George Lucas then drives the cart into her again, knocking her to the ground.

Security doesn't play around in Chile.

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