Wendy Williams Devotes Entire Segment to Deny She Farted on Her Show

Last week, Wendy Williams went viral because during a rant against Odell Beckham Jr, it seems apparent that Wendy tried (and failed) to fart silently.

So this week, Wendy used an entire segment of her show (begins at 10:50 in the above video) to try and clear the air on the whole situation and I just don't buy it.

Wendy says "I barely fart" and that if that fart had actually been here she would have had to stop the show and change her outfit. She also thinks someone superimposed the sound on the video.

Then Wendy brings out a gaffer who tries to explain that during an earlier segment with compressed air, they didn't have the proper hose for the air tank which caused a hissing noise and then started sputtering, causing the noise.

The fact that Wendy devotes nearly five minutes trying to explain it means she definitely farted. Those who deny it are the ones who supply it.

Said fart can be heard below. Draw your own conclusions.

Photo: Getty Images

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