Dude Dives Into Water in Fells Point After Stripping Down to Underwear

It's pretty widely known to the residents of Baltimore and surrounding areas that you do not go swimming in the Inner Harbor or the connecting waters that are the Patapsco River.

That includes Fells Point which is not far from the Inner Harbor. A video clip captured from inside the Barcocina restaurant on the Broadway pier shows what appears to be distraught man arguing with someone while a woman tries to calm him down. The man is in his underwear and socks and for whatever reason, dives into the water. Another dude jumps in after him to either join him or help him.

All I know is you do not want to be in that water. Enjoy your week-long stay in the hospital as they run through a plethora of testing. Good grief.

Photo: Instagram/@barstoolsports

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