Bodybuilding Dude Gets Put to Sleep by Woman After Talking Ish

Dudes who are into bodybuilding often times have their egos inflated as the size of their arms and quads grow. And often times, bulking up doesn't necessarily result in an increase in agility.

This jacked dude found out the hard way that just because he can squat hundreds of lbs, it doesn't mean he can grapple.

Dude goes head-to-head with a woman in a martial arts match but before the ref gives the go-ahead, dude says, "You gonna clean my dishes?" which comes back to bite him in about 30 seconds.

The lady takes dude to the ground rather effortlessly and it's basically over after that. Seconds later, the woman has him in a sleeper hold and it's lights out time.

Photo: WorldStarHipHop

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