Dude Ends Brawl with Mortal Kombat-Style Backhand Finisher

Warning: Video Contains NSFW Language

Sometimes when you want to end a fight you have to break out your finishing move. A bunch of dudes are brawling in what appears to be a fast food restaurant when a small dude wearing a black tanktop tries to roll up and nail a dude with a wild forearm. The big bald dude takes a swing at his head and misses but his friend takes a shot and essentially ends the fight with one strike.

Dude licks the back of his hand, winds up, and delivers the biggest backhand I have seen since Ultimate Warrior rocked Kurt Hennig off his feet with one in 1990 (see GIF below).

The blow knocks the dude out and he is bent over backward as he lands on the back of a seat. He then falls to the floor and appears to out cold.

Photo: @BoxingWgli on Twitter

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