Van Takes Out a Prius with Pit Maneuver for Going Too Slow on Freeway

Ever wish you could get a slow card holding you up in traffic out of the way? Of course we've all been there before.

Well, one dude in a van decides he's had enough of a Prius in front of him. Instead of taking what appears to be an open lane besides him and going around the Prius, dude performs a PIT maneuver which spins it with a 180 and out of the way.

From watching this happen it seems apparent that the dude driving the van has done this before. Either he's a law enforcement official who has been trained to use the PIT maneuver or just some dude who has watched a lot of YouTube videos and has used it a bunch on the road.

The fact that the person who made this video felt the need to be recording before this whole thing happened leads me to believe there's more to the story than meets the eye.


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