Dude Crashes, Jumps Off 40ft Bridge to Escape Cops Chasing Someone Else

A 25-year-old man has turned himself in to Atlanta police after surviving a 40ft jump off a freeway bridge while being pursued by a police officer. The man, Davaughn Clarke, sped away from the officer, crashed his vehicle and fled on foot in traffic before jumping off the I-85 bridge. Clarke, however, was unaware that the officer was attempting to perform a traffic stop on a different driver who was speeding in the vicinity of Clarke and Clarke thought the officer was after him instead.

According to AJC, Atlanta police say Clarke fled into the woods and disappeared after surviving the fall. They say they discovered marijuana in the vehicle he crashed and a gun under the bridge where he fell.

Police say Clarke will face a total of 10 charges for obstruction, possession of marijuana with intent to distribute, failure to report an accident, possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony, darting out in traffic and several driving citations.

Source: AJC.com

Photo: YouTube/Atlanta Police Department

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