El Duave's Top Ten Rock Records Of 2019

10 - The Magpie Salute "High Water II" Bittersweet, what with The Black Crowes reunion, that the second record from Rich Robinson's Crowes infused band will receive zero promotion.

9 - Down 'N Outz "This Is How We Roll" Def Leppard's Joe Elliott transforms his love letter to Mott The Hoople side project into a fully formed band with this, their first offering of all original material.

8 - Last In Line "II" Continuing the Def Leppard theme with the Vivian Campbell led original Dio band offshoot and their second, excellent record.

7 - Redd Kross "Beyond The Door" Hawthorne, CA's punk pop godfathers delivering a new record is always cause for celebration, and with a fully kickstarted doccumentary on the way and more tour dates, it's a great time to be a Redd Kross fan.

6 - Sammy Hagar & The Circle "Space Between" An album that you hoped would be great, actually is. Sammy, Michael Anthony, Vic Johnson and Jason Bonham dropped a surprisingly mature, honest, concept record that satisfies both songwriting and sonic bombast.

5 - Tesla "Shock" Rounding out the Def Leppard thread, this Phil Collen produced record is a brave, and perhaps polarizing step forward from Tesla's last effort, "Simplicity." Big, bright songs stradling genres leave me wondering why this record didn't cross over on a broader level.

4 - Donnie Vie "Beautiful Things" The surprise of the year goes to former Enuff Z'nuff frontman Donnie Vie, who in the wake of questionable career moves, substance abuse, and personal issues was able to create a fully realized musical statement that's an absolute joy to hear.

3 - Big Wreck "...but for the sun" The world is a little better knowing that Canada via Boston band Big Wreck is recording and touring on a regular basis. A must for fans of melodic hard rock with sublime musical performances all around.

2 - Raconteurs "Help Us Stranger" In what I'd call a grow-er not a show-er, Raconteurs end up delivering my second favorite album of the year, and a tour to boot, with a night to remember at DC's Anthem. Worth the wait.

1 - Rival Sons "Feral Roots" It all came together in 2019 for hard working Long Beach, CA band Rival Sons, who's Feral Roots jumped out early and never yielded for top spot honors. A transcendent record in every way. Listen, and be moved.

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