12 Strays of Christmas!

Lisa and BIG100 present the 12 Strays of Christmas!

Every weekday beginning Thursday, December 5th, Lisa will highlight a different homeless animal from local shelters including A Forever Home in Chantilly, VA, City Dogs Rescue in Washington, DC, Fairfax County Animal Shelter and K-9 Lifesavers in Virginia and encourages listeners to adopt them or another pet at their own local shelter.

Do you already have an adopted pet you love? Share a photo of them on social media using the hashtag #12Strays and we will be sharing our favorites to the BIG100 Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages!

1st Stray, December 5th: Hopscotch!

Breed: Treeing Walker Coon Hound Mix

Age: 7 Months

Gender: Female (Spayed)

Poor Hopscotch was caught in a trap which took off most her front leg and a few toes on her left foot. Thankfully she was found in the feed bin of the barn of a vet tech who immediately took her to the vet. Her right leg was amputated but she gets along fine without it--she can even climb stairs! She is a sweet girl who gets along with other dogs and with kids. Find out more about Hopscotch here.

2nd Stray, December 6th: Leo!

Breed: Boxer Mix

Age: 13 Years

Gender: Male (Neutered)

Leo was given up because his family can no longer afford him. He is good with people and children. He is totally house trained. He is about 70lbs and is a gentle soul. He gets along with 6 other dogs in the household. He sleeps through the night. He loves walks and rides very well. He is a very easy dog and he is well mannered and bothers no one. This gentle giant would be a good fit for any household! He's a low maintenance, low energy dog who needs a loving forever home. Find out more about Leo here.

3rd Stray, December 9th: Etta!

Breed: Domestic Short Hair

Age: 1 Year

Gender: Female

Weight: 8 lbs

This sweet lady loves playing with toys and chasing and wrestling with her foster sister. When she isn't hanging with the other cat, Etta enjoys human companionship and follows her foster around the apartment to see what she's up to. Etta is also a champion napper and loves snoozing in sunny spots. Though a little shy when meeting new people, once she is comfortable around you, she really opens up! She loves to follow her human around the house and watch TV together and actually watch the screen! She will sleep next to a human and will be an awesome companion! For more info on Etta, visit City Dogs Rescue.

4th Stray, December 10th: Tiger!

Breed: Domestic Short Hair/Tabby

Age: 11

Gender: Male

Weight: 9.8 lbs

Tiger is a handsome senior gentleman looking for the perfect retirement home! His ideal place includes plenty of sun spots to take long naps, while being able to keep an eye on his people. Tiger enjoys napping on laps as well, but is independent and low maintenance, happy to do his own thing. Navigating a foster home with other cats and dogs, Tiger is very adaptable and indifferent towards the other animals, as long as his meal time is not interrupted. With his flawless jawline and soft green eyes, this guy is truly irresistible. Tiger was declawed by his previous people. He has good litterbox manners. For more info about Tiger, visit City Dogs Rescue.

5th Stray, December 11th: Sage!

Breed: Terrier, American Staffordshire/Mix

Age: 1y, 2m

Gender: Male (Neutered)

Sage has been at the Fairfax County Animal Shelter for almost three months and is now ready for adoption. He was originally taken from his previous owners by Animal Protection Officers because he was not being cared for, but after getting medical care of lots of TLC, he’s now ready to find his new family! Sage is a happy dog who likes meeting people and other dogs. He is still all puppy and will do great with someone who can teach him lots of new things, plus he’s super food-motivated, so that’ll be good for training! Sage would do best with an adopter who is ready for some big puppy shenanigans, and who has some time to devote to training him and making sure he has lots of mental and physical exercise.

Update: Sage has been adopted!!!

6th Stray, December 12th: Precious!

Breed: British Shorthair / Mix

Age: 12y

Gender: Female (Spayed)

Precious has the most gorgeous coloring: she's got these silver and onyx tabby swirls, and her eyes are a deep gold. She was surrendered because her original owner could no longer care for her. They said that Precious lived with a small dog and they got along great! She is in great shape and is reportedly a big talker, especially when she's hungry. Precious is a cat who likes her personal space when it suits her, and isn't too fond of young kids. When she does want affection she'll let you know! She purrs like a motorboat and head butts you at top speed to show how much she loves you. Can you give a beautiful, independent, vibrant cat a home and family who will appreciate and love her? For more info on Precious, click here.

7th Stray, December 13th! Gabby!

Breed: Lab Mix

Age: 5y

Gender: Female

Gabby was found as a stray, and was taken to the shelter. She's a great girl but can be dog selective (doesn't like strange dogs in her face). She would do best as the only dog in your home. She loves attention and being with people. Gabby's foster reports that she does great with visitors -- including a one-year old. She is smart and learns fast. Gabby knows 'sit,' ‘lay down,' and 'shake,' and is always happy to play fetch or tug, but is also happy to curl up for a nice nap. She loves to burrow under the covers, but always asks permission first. Gabby's foster says that everyone they meet remarks on what a sweet, well-behaved girl Gabby is. Click here for more info on Gabby!

8th Stray, December 16: Sansa!

Breed: Anatolian Shepherd/Collie Mix

Age: 2-3y

Gender: Female

Sansa is gorgeous! She’s a very sweet girl who loves kids and will give you gentle little kisses. She's smart, house-trained and well-behaved, but pretty energetic so a home with fenced yard would be preferable. She doesn't do well with other dominant female dogs but is okay with most male dogs. This poor girl gets carsick easily, so meeting her at her foster's home is preferred. This wonderful beauty is hoping to soon be snuggled up with her forever family! Click here for more info on Sansa!

9th Stray, December 17: Meadow!

Breed: Domestic Short Hair/Tabby

Age: 2y

Gender: Female

Meadow is sweet and friendly and good with other cats. She was rescued by City Kitties a few months ago while pregnant. All of her kittens have been adopted, and now it’s time for Mama to find her forever home. She is FIV positive. She loves her humans and enjoys kisses on her forehead, face scratches, and will meow if you aren't paying enough attention. She is loving, devoted, and quite chilled out. If you are looking for a lovely lady to call your own, Meadow is your girl! Click here to learn more.

10th Stray, December 19th: Mississippi Faith!

Breed: Chihuahua Mix

Age: 11y

Gender: Female (spayed)

This little lady currently with A Forever Home looks forward to meeting the person meant for her! She is the sweetest thing one can imagine. She loves everyone and wags her tail even when walking! She is in her senior years, but is definitely still a spunky little girl. Faith would be a wonderful companion. Click here for more info!

11th Stray, December 19th: Jasmine!

Breed: Domestic Short Hair (Gray Tabby)

Age: 3y

Gender: Female (spayed)

Jasmine is one cool cat! This 3-year-old girl walks on a leash, goes to social events, knows tricks, and so much more. She is one of the spunkiest cats you'll ever meet- she is always brave and social, never shy or timid. Jasmine even meets some of our shelter dogs to see if they are cat-friendly! Nothing fazes this girl. Jasmine came to MCASAC with numerous injuries, but after a lot of care and healing, Jasmine is finally ready to find a forever home that thinks she's as awesome as we do! Click here to learn more.

12th Stray, December 20th: Lilo!

Breed: American Pit Bull Terrier

Age: 1y

Gender: Female (spayed)

Lilo is a 1-year-old Pit Bull who came in as a stray to MCASAC in August. She is spunky, silly, and definitely still acts like a puppy! She has a lot of energy and would love a home with family who will teach her behavior and tricks as she continues to grow up. Lilo likes to play tug-o’war, fetch, and knows a few tricks! She is pretty high energy, and would make a fantastic running, hiking, swimming, or adventure companion. Lilo is sweet as can be, and is going to be just enough pup for the right person! For more info, click here.

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