This Hypersonic Sled Hits 6,599 MPH During a Test Run

If there's one thing mankind craves above money, fame and sex, it's speed. Pure, raw speed.And by speed I mean going fast, not taking Amphetamines.

Well, during a recent test run by Edwards Air Force Base, these dudes put on a serious display of speed with a "hypersonic sled." No idea what a hypersonic sled actually is but I know now that they can go really fast.

They did a test run with this thing on railroad tracks in New Mexico. The stretch goes for miles and the sled covers the entire thing in a few seconds. According to the video, the sled tops off at 6,599 mph or Mach 8.6. Thing goes so fast you can't even see it as it passes the camera.

It doesn't say in the video description if anyone was strapped into this thing but I'm going to go ahead and assume that's a hard no. But if they did I'm guessing that dude was flattened into a pancake.

This reminds me of Clark Griswold greasing his saucer up with some special wax in Christmas Vacation:

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