Ring Cam Captures Florida Man Taking a Crap on Stranger's Driveway

A man's home surveillance camera captured a bizarre moment when an unknown person pulls into his driveway in his green Kia Soul, takes off his shirt and proceeds to take a crap on the driveway.

Wilton Thomas, the owner of the home in North Lauderdale, Florida said after watching the footage, "I know when it comes on for you to go, you have to go. He could have drove himself toward the left in the fence toward the coconut tree and do what he wanted to do there. That would be no problem, but in my driveway?"

Thomas says by the time he got home it was too late for him to clean up the mess. So he did the next day.

"I went in the hot sun, scraped it up, poured it into a bag. I poured bleach and then I hosed and washed the whole thing off," Thomas said.

Apparently the police in North Lauderdale are looking into the incident.

Source: NYPost.com

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