Dude Admits His 26-Year Old Girlfriend Is Way Out of His League

56-year old Mason Reese admits his girlfriend of six months, 26-year old Sarah Russi, is way out of his league.

Reese was a famous child actor in the 70s. But acting roles dried up as he got older and eventually Mason became the owner of multiple bars and restaurants in New York City. He did well enough that he basically was able to retire.

Sarah on the other hand is a model and camgirl.

The two of them started talking on Facebook and Sarah says she was impressed by Mason's intellegence. Mason says the two got along naturally and there has never been a dull moment between the two of them.

They admit they've gotten some rude comments while out in public together. A lot of people think Sarah is only dating Mason for his money. But Mason says Sarah has never asked him for a single penny.

The two get around town on Mason's mobility scooter, which he says he uses as a result of a few accidents and the onset of arthritis.

If there's any evidence that true love looks past appearances and ages, this is it.

Half-Naked Woman Performs Striptease at Pizza Place - Thumbnail Image

Half-Naked Woman Performs Striptease at Pizza Place

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